What is Natural Astaxanthin?  Simply, it’s a potent antioxidant molecule. A naturally occuring nutrient found in red algae. From the carotenoid family, it’s the stuff that gives flamingos and salmon their color. Where do you find it? In salmon, lobster, shrimp. But that’s not the easiest way to get this substance. You have to eat a LOT of those foods to get what you can easily enjoy in an AstaXbar®. Some of Astaxanthin’s many properties are listed below, and more are being discovered as research continues. Anti-inflammatory Antioxidant Increases muscle endurance Supports cardiovascular health Strengthens immune system Reduces wrinkles Natural sunscreen Improves gastric health Reduces eye fatigue And much, much more...    Click for free special reports Astaxanthin’s molecular structure enables it to span entire cell membranes.  This allows it to neutralize reactive oxygen species (free radicals) on either side of the membrane.  Astaxanthin protects cells throughout the body from both the inside and the outside, which explains astaxanthin’s universal effect in different therapeutic areas. The health benefits of astaxanthin continue to be  documented, while interest among researchers is growing rapidly. See what the experts are saying about Natural Astaxanthin. Watch these videos. Connect with us and more information about Natural Astaxanthin.